Image of The Bone Garden: A Novel


Image of The Bone Garden: A Novel

In a bold departure, Gerritsen's latest tale of mystery and suspense is told mostly in flashback. The meshing of past and present events reveals a tragic tale of treachery, murder and lost love. The period medical and forensic details also add an especially gritty realism to this story of cold-blooded murder.

Newly divorced Julia Hamill discovers a two-centuries-old body buried in her garden. Once modern forensics proves the female was the victim of murder, Julia feels compelled to discover her identity.

Henry Page, an elderly relative of the previous home owner, invites Julia to his house to search through boxes of document for clues. What they discover shocks them both.

It involves one of Boston's most famous residents, Oliver Wendell Holmes, and his medical school friend Norris Marshall, who tried to unlock the truth behind a vicious 1830s killer known as the West End Reaper.

(Sep., 368 pp., $25.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith