Image of Bone Magic (Sisters of the Moon, Book 7)


Image of Bone Magic (Sisters of the Moon, Book 7)

When it comes to complicated romantic entanglements, Camille D'Artigo is definitely the queen. In this heroine's ongoing life story, Galenorn showcases the many powerful forms of love. Difficult choices loom for all three sisters, and this author ensures a nail-biting ride.

Already spirit-bonded and married to both the dragon Smokey and the fox demon Mario, Camille still longs to reunite with her first love, the Svartan Trillian. But she isn't sure how Trillian will react to being the fourth. The biggest problem at the moment is the new demon general, who is wreaking havoc on Earth. When Camille is summoned to Otherworld by the Moon Mother and Black Beast, she hopes to reunite with Trillian. But she discovers that she must participate in a drastic ritual that will change all their lives. Battle lines are being drawn. The war just got significantly more complicated. (BERKLEY, Jan., 320 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith