Image of Bone Song


Image of Bone Song

Meaney explores dark urban fantasy
in a police procedural. Although some background elements appear poorly thought out, and the romance plot borders on cliche, the story is fast moving and filled with action. Fans of the BBC series Torchwood should enjoy this otherworldly story.

Police officer Donal Riordan is assigned to protect diva daLivnova from would-be assassins. What might have been a simple case of a demented stalker turns out to be far darker than that. Riordan is drawn into the world of high-level occult investigations, struggling to bring to justice criminals who have connections to the highest offices.

His job is complicated when he falls in love with Commander Laura Steel, the undead officer in charge of Riordan's new unit, and by his fellow policemen's suspicion that Riordan might be an unwitting mole for the other side. (Bantam Spectra, Mar., 384 pp., $24.00)
Reviewed by: 
James D. Nicoll