It was compassion for a teenager that got reporter Irene Kelly into this mess in the first place. Years ago when housewife and mother Julia Sayre disappeared, Irene was approached for help by Gillian Sayre, Julia?s teenage daughter. From then on, whenever an unidentified female corpse was found, Gillian would ask Irene to find out if it was her missing mother.

The arrest and conviction of serial killer Nicholas Parrish is major news. If the prosecution agrees to waive the death penalty, Parrish has agreed to lead authorities to the remote mountain grave of Julia Sayre. Irene has been chosen to accompany the potential recovery team to the grave site.

Parrish claims the body is located in the remote Sierra Nevada mountains. Hiking in will be extremely grueling. Besides the police, the team includes two forensic anthropologists, plus their amazing cadaver dog Bingle.

From the first Parrish seems to be playing mind games with his captors. As the recovery party moves deeper into the mountains, the tension level rises. Parrish has planned this little jaunt from the beginning, and if he has his way, no one will be leaving the mountains alive.

Before you sit down to relish this terrifying thriller, make sure your doors and windows are firmly locked. BONES adds one more winner to Ms. Burke?s impressive roster of electrifying suspense novels. (Sep., 320 pp., $20.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith