To escape from the drudgery her mother suffered, Jenny Lennox decides to emigrate to New Brunswick and marry Roderick Douglas, a man from her Irish homeland who's settled and succeeded there. At the last minute, she needs a new escort, so she convinces the aloof, often uncivil, Harris Chisholm to protect her during the journey.

Harris considers himself unlovable because he was badly scarred in a fire, then abandoned by his mother. His protective walls soon fall before the daily comfort of time spent with Jenny as they sail across the Atlantic. He teaches Jenny to read and, in return, she teaches him the finer arts of approaching and charming women.

A shipwreck near the coast confirms to Harris that he loves Jenny and wants to marry her himself. It takes a bit more to convince Jenny, however, and just when the seasoned romance reader thinks the story approaches the end, it sails on into more high adventure! (Mar., 254 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger