Image of Book Girl and the Famished Spirit


Image of Book Girl and the Famished Spirit

The second entry in Mizuki Nomura’s Book Girl series takes on the classic Wuthering Heights, which proves to be an exercise in creativity, character development and comparative literature. But don’t be intimidated by the tale's lofty inspiration. Tohko and Konoha are all around great characters that make this a very easy story to read.

When Seijoh Academy’s book club starts receiving cryptic messages, club president and book eating demon, Tohko, and her faithful assistant, student Konoha, attempt to find the culprit. But the mystery draws them into a family saga that might be more dangerous than they can handle, with consequences they don’t expect. (Yen Press, January 2011, 236 pp., $8.99, Manga ISBN: 9780316076920)

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Stacey Agdern