Image of Book, Line, and Sinker (A Library Lover's Mystery)


Image of Book, Line, and Sinker (A Library Lover's Mystery)

Though this has an interesting cast of characters, and the mystery is well crafted, the pace is a bit slow. The murder doesn’t take place until well into the novel. Lindsey’s involvement in the quest for the map makes sense since she has archival experience, but once a murder takes place, her continued participation isn’t as believable.

Coastal Briar Creek, Conn., buzzes with the news that a salvage company will explore a nearby island for treasure hidden by legendary pirate Captain Kidd. Intrigued, librarian Lindsey Norris begins researching the credibility of a hidden treasure in town. Soon, rumors of a family murdered years earlier on the now uninhabited island make people wonder about the real motivation behind the exploration. When Lindsey and her boyfriend Mike Sullivan discover the body of the woman who first lobbied to bring the salvage company to town, they realize that they are involved in a lot more than a simple treasure hunt. (PRIME CRIME, Dec., 292 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Roseann Marlett