Image of The Book of Scandal


Image of The Book of Scandal

In London's capable hands an ordinary plotline of a rekindled marriage becomes extraordinary as she
creates memorable characters and unforgettable dialogue, seasons her story with the intriguing backdrop
of Princess Caroline's real book of scandal and infuses her story with
a depth of emotion that takes the breath away.

Five years ago, the death of their son drove Nathan Grey, the Earl of Lindsey, and his wife, Evangeline, apart. He's settled into a life of debauchery in the country, and she in lives in staid propriety in London. When Nathan hears news of "leaks" from Princess Caroline's infamous book, and then that Evangeline's name is mentioned in the scandals, he rushes to London to save both their reputations. Nathan is determined to remove Evangeline, but the independent, self-confident woman she has become won't go willingly -- and she wants to marry another man.

A fierce battle of wills ensues when Nathan attempts to force her, but a fragile peace is reached after Evangeline realizes the danger of social ruin. One step at a time they begin to rebuild their marriage, foil a treasonous scheme and catch a killer. (Pocket, Aug., 390 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin