Upon finding the journals of an eccentric explorer, librarian Abigail Merchant heads for exotic and dangerous Casablanca in search of the great library of Alexandria, just to prove to the curators of the British Museum that she is a worthy scholar.

On board ship, Abigail encounters the infuriating ex-legionnaire Apollo Smith. Ruggedly handsome and a true rogue, Apollo isn't the kind of man staid Abigail can trust, but she needs his help if she is to complete her mission.

Following the trails in the journals, Abigail and Apollo confront snakes, tarantulas and the remnants of an ancient tribe that guards the library. Abigail is presented with a gold breastplate and the scroll known as "The Book of the Seven Delights," a guide to a sensual journey for body and soul. The book invites them to explore every aspect of their sensuality.

With a band of ex-legionnaires, and ruthless bandits hot on their trail, Abigail and Apollo must bring their priceless treasures to safety or their love and their work will be for naught.

Krahn's written a book as fast-paced as an Indiana Jones adventure, as romantic as the film The Mummy and as sexy and witty as anything she has ever written. This is a book you won't put down and one you'll delight in rereading. SENSUAL (Jul., 336 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin