Image of The Book Stops Here: A Bibliophile Mystery


Image of The Book Stops Here: A Bibliophile Mystery

Carlisle’s books keep getting better. This addition to the Biblio-phile Mystery series has two separate mysteries as well as an engaging look at the world of antique book appraisal and how far people will go to get rare books. The characters are like old friends who readers will enjoy catching up with.

Bookbinder Brooklyn Wainwright has landed a spot on hit TV show This Old Attic, on which she’ll appraise rare books. The first guest, Vera, finds out the worth of her rare copy of The Secret Garden and asks for Brooklyn’s help to make some minor repairs so the book can be sold. When Vera ends up dead, Brooklyn decides to investigate, much to her live-in boyfriend/security expert Derek Stone’s dismay. Strange incidents start happening on set, and Brooklyn is attacked by a man who claims the book is his. Will Brooklyn and Derek be able to stop a killer? (OBSIDIAN, Jun., 336 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Wilson