Krahn, known for her storytelling ability and unique plotlines, dishes up a wild escapade that heats up the pages with simmering sexual tension and witty, laugh-out-loud dialogue between her utterly engaging characters.

Cordelia Barnard convinces her curmudgeon of an estranged grandfather, Samuel P. Blackburn, to fund an expedition to search for the legendary Mayan "gift of the jaguar." Though Cordelia has proof of the gift, she must endure the company of her grandfather's patronizing English butler, Hartford Goodnight, on the journey.

Indentured to Blackburn for debt, Goodnight, a pharmacist/chemist, accompanies Cordelia across the Caribbean with a band of rebels, treks through the Yucatan jungle, endures snakebites, a swarm of butterflies, hungry jaguars and a greedy Spaniard, just to repay his debt.

During their adventures, Cordelia discovers there's more to Hart than stuffy British arrogance, and he realizes Cordelia is both beautiful and a woman of substance who can help him find the medical secrets that will lead to their true desires. (Jove, Sep., 312 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin