Catherine, Simon and Josh have been friends since college. Catherine is man-shy after having her heart broken and dreams of leaving her advertising job to open a bookstore. Simon, who is gay, is trying to find Mr. Right. Josh is now married to a woman named Lucy and has a young son.

Years ago, Cath, Si and Josh had a falling out with the rich and beautiful Portia, who resurfaces and is now a hit television show writer. They've missed her, but has she changed? Does she have ulterior motives? Friendships are tested throughout this book as everyone struggles to find happiness.

While BOOKENDS is a pleasant read, it is not as compelling as the author's other novels, such as Jemima J. or Mr. Maybe. Green's writing style is winning, but the plot meanders at times, and some of the characters are irritating. (Jun., 358 pp., $21.00)

Reviewed by: 
Samantha J. Gust