Image of The Bookstore


Image of The Bookstore

Filled with bookstore-related subject matter, Meyler’s tale will delight book lovers everywhere. The relationship between Esme and Mitchell is frustrating as readers know his true character long before idealistic Esme manages to grow a backbone and puzzle it out. Otherwise, this is a delightful tale of life and love in New York City.

Esme is a British art history graduate student. When she unexpectedly becomes pregnant, her wealthy and not-ready-for-commitment boyfriend Mitchell pops in and out of her life as he wrestles with the idea. To make ends meet, Esme takes a job at The Owl, a quirky independent bookstore in the heart of the city. She meets some fascinating people and learns about herself through the books she comes across. (GALLERY, Aug., 352 pp., $16.00)

Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel