Image of Boomerang


Image of Boomerang

This novel is well-paced and the suspense level keeps readers riveted. Although the amount of exposition in the story’s dialogue was overwhelming at times, the author is well versed in the language of espionage. However, it is hard to connect with Kat because she repeatedly disregards the instructions of those trying to keep her safe. The hero, Zac, saves the story and despite the challenges of keeping Kat safe, he remains compassionate and attentive to her emotional needs. Zac is so convincingly competent that he could have benefited from a more challenging last stand against the evil that threatens Kat. Readers will wish for their own Zac in their lives.

Kat Lombardo wakes up without any memories from the last 24 hours. She can’t explain why she’s covered in blood, lying next to her dead business partner. Knowing things don’t look good for her, Kat calls the one person she trusts to help prove her innocence, her ex-boyfriend Zac Delaney. Zac, a high-profile security expert, agrees to help. Before long the pair are on the run and realize that their relationship may have ended two years ago but their feelings never died. They’d love to get a second chance — if only they can stay alive long enough to try. (WILD ROSE, Jun., 264 pp. $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Spencer A. Freeman