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by Fiona Lowe

Genre: Contemporary Romance, General Contemporary Romance, E-book
Sensuality: Hot

2011 Indie Press Romance Nominee

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What could have been a simple tale of a down-on-her-luck bride from Down Under is anything but fluffy. Author Fiona Lowe adeptly demonstrates how sometimes when a door is shut in your face, a window opens to let in the breeze. Neither Matilda or Marc want to be stuck in small town Wisconsin but their circumstances force them to re-evaluate their lives and ideals. Particularly important to the story are the lead characters’ interactions with Marc’s family, especially as they handle misfortune. Lowe’s depiction of a family coping with a loved one’s cancer diagnosis is respectful and honest. With the perfect mixture of romance, sadness and Australian/American wise-cracking, Boomerang Bride is one of the best romance novels this reviewer has read in a long time.

Australian bride-to-be Matilda Geoffrey only wanted to surprise Barry, the fiance she met and fell in love with online. After all, the couple was planning to be married shortly. But the surprise is on Matilda when her trip to meet Barry ends up with her stranded in the middle of Hobin, Wisconsin, wearing an ancient wedding dress, with mascara-smudged tears running down her face. Marc Olsen left Hobin, Wisconsin when he was twenty-two without a second glance — and only ever sets foot in town with a departure date already scheduled. But while in Hobin for his annual family visit, he sees Matilda wild-eyed, clad in an outrageous outfit and looking like a lost puppy. Although he gave up on taking care of women a long time ago, hearing how she's been conned by Barry rouses all of his protective instincts. Flung together, will this unlikely pair be able let go of their fears and hold on to the love that is beginning to blossom between them? (CARINA PRESS, August 2011, dl., $5.99)

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Reviewed By: Maria Planansky


Published: AUGUST 2011

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4.5 Stars

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Recommended for an Emotionally Satisfying Story!

Submitted by Nas on August 13, 2011 - 6:20pm.

BOOMERANG BRIDE is a Carina Press release by author Fiona Lowe.

Matilda Geoffrey arrives at a small US town in a bride’s dress carrying a wedding cake. She wanted to surprise her fiancé, whom she met online in a chat room.

Marc Olsen finds her standing in front of an empty shop and decides to help her. Then he finds out she’s been scammed by her virtual fiancé.

He takes her in and offers her a job. Is it out of kindness of his heart? Or is it because something stirs in him even though Matilda is not the kind of woman Marc usually dates?

He has left the small town as soon as possible to escape the confines of familial responsibilities. After all, he was thrown into it at an early age by his father’s death. He’s back from New York just for the holidays but find himself sucked deeper in the responsibilities of a sick sister and her angry teenage son.

I loved the “Aussie” to “American” translations in this book. At times it resonated with me and at other times it was hilarious!

Author Fiona Lowe came up with an emotionally satisfying, sweet and witty story. It has great characters and is full of sizzling sexual tension. Yet the warmth and sensitivity she showed while touching on the subject of breast cancer and a woman’s loss of self-confidence in herself after the mastectomy, was heart-touching.

Her hero, Marc, with his “Viking” good looks was delicious. The heroine, Tildy, who at first appeared scatter-brained, turned out to be an intensely emotional, tender with her big heart and quest for a perfect family. Tildy, surprisingly, was with perfect business sense and started her own business. This was inspiring, after she was scammed out of her money. Both the characters are smart and sharp-witted and matched up perfectly in this well written story.

Earlier I was recommended by a friend that, “If you want to read a perfectly crafted book with scene and sequel, goal, motivation, conflict and which flows magically- read any of Fiona Lowe’s books!” and I found it to be so true in the case of BOOMERANG BRIDE!

I liked author Fiona Lowe’s style. It seemed like she was writing about real people in situations that could happen. Scenarios came alive as do people with her use of dialogue and situation that help us know them better.

Boomerang Bride is well worth reading and I recommend it for an emotionally satisfying story.