Image of Boots Under Her Bed


Image of Boots Under Her Bed

A quartet of powerhouse western writers delivers entertaining, sensual, realistic novellas to satisfy a reader’s craving for a good old-fashioned wild west romance. There’s humor, drama, excitement and plenty of passion as four wonderful women find that the love of a western man is just what they need.

Any man will do when Thomas’ “Crazy Callie” needs to marry or lose her ranch. He just needs to be tall and too drunk to realize he’s getting hitched. Once Luke is sober enough to know what’s happened, Callie promises him a way out — if he keeps up the ruse of a marriage long enough to convince everyone they’re in love. Goodman fans know all about dime novelist Nat Church’s fictional adventures, and now the writer is having one of his own with Felicity Ravenwood in “Nat Church and the Runaway Bride.” “The Smell of Roses” brings Warner’s strangers on a train together. Insurance company detective Richard Whitmeyer is intrigued by Rachel James. When they discover they are both working the same case, sparks fly. Running away from her life in New York to work as a bookkeeper in a Texas bordello is tame compared to joining up with her father’s bodyguard, Zeb Crow, on his quest for vengeance, but Kent’s Maeve Daugherty is happy to become “The Hired Gun’s Heiress” and experience the most dangerous and romantic time of her life. (BERKLEY, Jan., 352 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin