The title implies lots of hot, steamy
sex with a lot of ladies of the night,
but that's not the case. Although
there's a house of ill repute, the
women have their choice of clients,
and the overall theme is to help runaway women and their children. The book is a bit different, but its message is excellent: Women should never
be abused.

Savannah inherited La Hibiscus Rouge Bordello from her beloved husband when he died. His dream of helping women escape expands when his widow takes the reins. Savannah has no plans to remarry. All she wants is to run the bordello until Napoleon, the son of one of her mother's dearest friends, begins an extremely tempting flirtation. But when she learns that her handsome beau investigates missing women to take them back to their husbands, Savannah closes her heart to the one man who could make her want to love again. Napoleon then begins a pursuit that leaves her gasping for breath and begging for more. (, dl $3.75)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith