When Janet Graham learns that her brother, Sir Hugh Graham, an English Deputy Warden, plans to hang the Scottish outlaw Rabbie Redcloak, she helps him to escape.

Rather than have Janet face the wrath of her brother and be accused of high treason for her actions, Rabbie kidnaps her. But neither is prepared for the repercussions of this act when Rabbies cousin, the powerful laird of Buccleuch, demands they marry.

A man of many names, her husband to be is Sir Quinton Scott of Broadhugh. Their marriage is not without pitfalls, for Janet has a tendency to speak her mind and insists that Quinton give up raiding.

He finds his bride a winsome lass, courageous and a bit willful. Although he respects her, he cannot tolerate her defiance. When Quinton is taken prisoner and incarcerated in Carlisle Castle, Janet must come up with a plan to get him out of the fortified castle. She helped him escape once, can she do it again and devil take the consequences?

Fast-paced with touches of wry humor and adventure, Ms. Scott with her strong storytelling talents combines the politics and the customs of the Border people in this wonderful Scottish romance; a keeper. SENSUAL (Apr., 397 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond