Independent and headstrong Raven Carleton, the daughter of an English landowner, thinks nothing of recklessly riding the border between England and Scotland. As a Scottish borderer, Heath Kennedy hates the English. They dispossessed his clan from their ancestral lands and reduced him to becoming a bandit who raids cattle and smuggles goods.

One day at the border Heath encounters Raven and quickly plans to take her captive. Though she is betrothed to another and despises the Scots, there is no denying the frisson of passion that sizzles between them when he makes her his captive.

As forbidden love grows stronger between Heath and Raven, the feud between their families escalates and they are torn between loyalty and love. Like Romeo and Juliet, they wonder where they can find a place to live and love forever more.

Colorful, sensual, masterful; Virginia Henley takes a classic storyline, gives it a fresh twist and gives her legions of fans exactly what they wanta non-stop, memorable, sensual read. Ms. Henley delivers. VERY SENSUAL (Jul., 380 pp., $22.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin