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Image of The Border Lord and the Lady (Border Chronicles)


Image of The Border Lord and the Lady (Border Chronicles)

Small transports readers to a place where remarkable characters, exciting historical events and passion reign. Perfectly blending realism and actual personages with a lively, sensual story, she gifts readers with an accessible glimpse into a fascinating era. Bringing history to life is Small's gift to us.

When it becomes apparent that her jealous stepmother hates her enough to harm her, Lady Cicely Bowen's father sends her away. As she grows up, Cicely befriends Lady Joan Beaufort. When Joan is married to James I of Scotland, Cicely becomes lady-in- waiting to the queen. At court she is wooed by two very different men: sophisticated Andrew Gordon and the rough, rugged border lord, Ian Douglas, who kidnaps Cicely before she can accept Andrew's proposal.

Ian is the far better match for the headstrong Cicely, and though Joan demands Ian return his captive and Andrew threatens war, Cicely eagerly weds Ian. Life on the border is difficult. They're caught between English and Scottish politics, and there comes a time when Ian must fight to hold on to his land and Cicely will uncover untapped courage to help the Douglas clan -- even if it means marrying another. (NAL, Oct., 416 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin