Image of Border Moonlight


Image of Border Moonlight

With knowledge and admiration for
the Scots and their tangled border history, Scott crafts an accurate portrait
of the snarled politics of the era and
the vibrant people who lived, loved
and dared to keep the peace. Excitement melds with romance in
a page-turning adventure.

It's well known that Sibylla Cavers has a mind of her own. She's walked away from three grooms and is still unwed. Simon Murray, Laird of Elishaw, has never forgotten or forgiven Sibylla for leaving him at the altar. But when he finds her rescuing a drowning child he saves them both, bringing the injured Sybilla home. Sibylla soon realizes there's a great deal more to Simon than a fine face and form. He is a man who matches her in wits and loyalty to his family and Scotland.

As they come to know one another better, the strife along the border thrusts them into the center of a brewing border dispute, an heiress, abduction and murder. Their very future and that of the borders hangs in the balance. (FOREVER, Jan., 412 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin