Rose Beaujeu sails home through dangerous waters on the merchant ship she's just inherited, the Border Rose. When a vessel overtakes them she has her captain hoist her pink silk petticoat as a sail in order to gain valuable time getting away from the approaching guns. But her decision not to surrender is futile. Her ship is forced to yield to the British privateer.

Captain Dillion Mackay must sail two damaged ships to port past enemies, pirates and shipwreck while dealing with Rose's rebellion against his takeover.

These two met when Dillion was learning the trade under her father's tutorage, but now they are on different sides. Rose is committed to the cause for independence and Dillion is honor-bound as a Canadian to side with the British.

The plot offers intrigue, a fresh look at history, great sea lore and a dauntless heroine well-suited for high seas adventure, as well as treacherous plots and poignant, personal losses. Linda Windsor keeps her spirited romance moving full sail ahead. SENSUAL (July, 379 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger