When Laurie Halliots step-sister is accused of a brutal murder and turns up missing, Laurie stands hostage in her place. But her father demands she become handfast to her jailer, Sir Hugh Graham, the English deputy warden holding her in his castle.

Honorable and just, Sir Hugh will honor the Scottish marriage though English law does not. As a prisoner, Laurie is allowed a small amount of freedom and her days are filled with the daily running of the castle.

Neither can overlook the growing passion that flares between them. Lauries fate rests in Hughs hands, but will she jeopardize her freedom for nights in his bed?

With well-rounded characters and meticulous historical research, Amanda Scott delivers a finely crafted story filled with the imagery of life on the English-Scottish border in this spin-off from Border Fires. SENSUAL (Jan., 294 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond