Image of The Border Vixen (Border Chronicles)


Image of The Border Vixen (Border Chronicles)

Small is why I read historical romance. Within the Border Chronicles series Small enables readers to experience the political turmoil between Scotland and England and live and breathe the memorable, sensual romance. In her capable hands history and passion come to life. It doesn’t get any better than this!

Because of the border wars Dugald Kerr has no male heirs. His headstrong granddaughter Margaret will control the clan and the toll rights to the narrow passage between England and Scotland. Many vie for “Mad Maggie’s” hand, but she remains independent, unwilling to marry a man who wants power more than her. Frustrated, her grandfather lays down an ultimatum: Maggie will wed the man who can outrun, outride and outfight her. King James sends his cousin Fingal Stewart to wed Maggie. Royal decree or no, Maggie claims he must best her before she will consummate the marriage. Theirs is as much a battle of wills as one of strength and politics. There is a fire between them and once Maggie surrenders, their marriage is strong, but others desire the power Maggie and Fingal hold and plot to destroy them as the political situation between England and Scotland intensifies. (NAL, Oct., 411 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin