Image of Born of Ashes (The Guardians of Ascension)


Image of Born of Ashes (The Guardians of Ascension)

Multitalented Roane has set up a universe that features a deadly chess game played on multidimensional levels. This complex mythos featuring future-streams of events, allowing Roane to keep readers guessing as to loyalties and outcomes. Another bonus of this series is all the intriguing secondary characters, who enrich each chapter of the Guardians of Ascension. Passion soars as danger flourishes in this terrific book!

After years of torture as an unwilling blood slave for death vampires, Fiona is now free and coming into her new powers. But there is something different about Fiona’s powers, and Endelle thinks Fiona is one part of a legendary triad of the Obsidian Flame. Fiona’s guardian Jean-Pierre is also her destined mate, according to the breh-hedden. However, Fiona is reluctant to accept the bond, as she is focused on her mission of finding and destroying Rith, who ran the blood slave factories. As always, Commander Greaves is putting various pieces of his diabolical war into motion. Can Fiona and Jean-Pierre learn to harness Fiona’s power to prevent a massacre? (ST. MARTIN’S, Jan., 512 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith