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Image of Born in Death


Image of Born in Death

At last, the big moment is here. It's finally time for Lt. Eve Dallas' best friend, Mavis, to give birth. This event has been much anticipated, and the awesome Robb doesn't disappoint. Life and death literally intertwine in this outstanding novel that emphasizes to the emotional growth of Eve and Mavis over the course of this series. This book is definitely worth the wait -- and a worth a hankie or two. This is Robb's very best yet!

Poor Eve. Not only is she trying to focus on the nasty double murder of an engaged couple, she's also supposed to be planning a baby shower and attending -- groan! -- birthing classes! Eve would rather stick with the murders, but Mavis is her oldest and dearest friend. A new wrinkle comes when another pregnant lady, Tansy Willowby, fails to show up for Mavis' shower.

To placate an extremely agitated Mavis, Eve looks into the woman's disappearance. Back on the murder case, Eve suspects that her female victim came across some irregularities at her accounting job. Since business facts and figures are Roarke's forte, Eve may need his expert advice. Can she pull all the threads together in time to save a missing woman and her baby? (PUTNAM, Nov., 342 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith