Image of Born of Fury (The League: Nemesis Rising)


Image of Born of Fury (The League: Nemesis Rising)

The bonds of family, those of blood and those of choice are driving forces behind Kenyon’s latest outstanding League novel. Kenyon is never easy on any of her characters as they inevitably must face trials of physical and psychological torture, but how they survive and what they learn is what makes Kenyon’s stories so unforgettable. The palpable sense of camaraderie and love give this story a real emotional lift.

Since Hauk’s brother Keris died during Hauk’s Andarion Endurance, a six-week wilderness survival test, Hauk has been unwillingly bound to Keris’ widow, Dariana, who hates him. As it is now time for Hauk’s nephew Darice’s Endurance, Hauk is leading both Darice and Thia on the survival quest. Meanwhile, Sumi Antaxas is a highly trained League assassin who is currently unhappy with League Commander Zemin’s orders. Sumi is to find or plant evidence in order to convict Hauk of treason — or Sumi’s young daughter will pay. But nothing about this mission goes as planned, and soon they all are fighting for their lives! (ST. MARTIN’S, Jul., 680 pp., $25.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith