Image of Born of Ice (League, No 3)


Image of Born of Ice (League, No 3)

Kenyon completes her rewritten Ichidian trilogy with the explosive Born of Ice. Many of the characters in this book are the children of the previous heroes and heroines, so the action stays in the family. This universe can be harsh and unforgiving, but Kenyon's characters are up for the challenge. Abundant humor in this rip-roaring tale keeps things humming along with a style that is sure to please Kenyon fans!

With her family sold into slavery by her father, Alix Gerran has no choice when she is ordered by Merjack to infiltrate Devyn Kell's ship as its new engineer. Merjack hates Devyn's parents. Alix is to find or plant the evidence to arrest Devyn, or her mother and sister will die.

Having been a League assassin who broke with the organization, Devyn is well versed in danger and treachery. But he doesn't quite know what to make of his new engineer. What Devyn does know is that the attraction between them is fierce. The more Alix gets to know Devyn and his crew, the worse she feels about her betrayal, but the fact remains -- her family's life is at stake! (ST. MARTIN'S, Dec., 352 pp., $7.99)
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Jill M. Smith