Holt Price, a member of the Night Riders, is in Galveston looking for both the woman he thinks he loves and the traitor who caused the massacre of Holt's unit during the Civil War.

Although the travesties of the war compelled Holt to give up practicing medicine, he cannot simply stand by when he encounters a drunken doctor tending the wounded at an accident. He brings the doctor home and meets his daughter, Felicity.

What ensues is a battle of wills. Holt is stunned that Felicity assists her father practicing medicine. Felicity is attracted to Holt but fears he'll expose her father as a drunk and they'll lose their income. Holt is all too familiar with alcoholics: His father was one.

What is interesting about this romance is the emphasis on alcoholism. Finding a way to cope with it is a recurring theme. The characters are complex and add a rich element to this western romance. The Civil War left a mark on everyone, and this is also richly characterized. SENSUAL (Jun., 365 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner