Readers looking for an outstanding futuristic need look no further. Action and adventure abound in this wonderful tale!

The Probekein ambassador is threatening the children of Commander Tairun Biardi and his entire Council because theyBve refused the right to mine minerals on Gouran for weapons of mass destruction. Several of the CouncilBs children are sadly killed and Kiara Biardi, the commanderBs daughter, is kidnapped.

Tairun hires the most feared group of assassins in the universe to get his beloved daughter back. What Tairun doesnBt know is that one of the assassins, Nykyrian, has admired KiaraBs dancing for years. Neither Kiara nor Nykyrian understand the depth of their feelings for each other. When itBs time for Kiara to go back to her father and career, will she leave her beloved behind? (dl $3.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kathy Boswell