Image of Born of Shadows (The League)


Image of Born of Shadows (The League)

Kenyon returns to her League universe with this high-flying space adventure. In a universe where assassinations run rampant, Kenyon builds a story that is wall-to-wall action, yet touched with poignancy. No matter the genre, Kenyon is an awesome read!

Since witnessing the killing of his smuggler father, Caillen has done his best to protect his three high-maintenance sisters. Sharhara is now married to his close friend Syn, but the exploits of Kasen have Caillen facing execution. In an amazing reprieve, Caillen learns he is actually the long-ago kidnapped son of Emperor Evzen. Getting to know his father and adjusting to his new role as prince is challenging, and it is nearly cut short when an assassination attempt is made on Evzen. Desideria Denarii is the daughter of the Qillag Queen Sarra and member of the Royal Guard. Another assassination attempt strands Caillen and Desideria on a hostile planet. Unless they can stop it, a major coup may upend both empires. (GRAND CENTRAL, May, 432 pp., $21.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith