BORN IN SHAME marks the last chapter of superstar author Nora Roberts' wonderful Concannon Trilogy.

After losing her beloved father, Shannon Bodine now faces the imminent loss of her much-loved mother. Amanda Bodine has kept a shattering secret from her daughter, which she knows she must confess before it is too late: Years ago, Amanda met and loved Tommy Concannon, but both knew there was no future in their relationship, and when Amanda returned to America, she was pregnant.

Shannon is devastated when Amanda reveals that all she has ever believed about her life is a lie. Bitter words are spoken, and to Shannon's sorrow, her mother dies before she can retrieve them.

Her half-sisters, Brianna Concannon Thane and Maggie Concannon Sweeney, learn of her existence and come looking for her. They find a woman unwilling to accept the love her mother had for Tom Concannon.

Brianna is determined to bridge the gap and manages to get Shannon to visit their homeland. Once in Ireland, Shannon is plagued with vivid dreams.

Concannon friend Murphy Muldoon recognizes, even if she does not, that they have been destined for one another. Does Shannon have the courage to change her dreams and destiny?

The incomparable Nora Roberts brings this magnificent trilogy to a highly satisfactory conclusion with BORN IN SHAME, and it is a pleasure to have characters from the previous books developing together. (Jan., 386 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith