BORN FOR VENGEANCE (3) by Caridad Piñeiro: Greek goddess Helene Alexander has been fulfilling father Zeus’ wish to exact justice on Earth for two millennia. Now in the guise of an FBI agent, and using her innate powers, she continues fulfilling that role. She is born for vengeance; human needs and emotions perplex her and seem trivial. Her view is challenged while on a case with her new partner, Special Agent Miguel Sanchez. Being around a compassionate Miguel, with her attraction to him growing deeper by the day, makes her see humans and their emotions, especially love, in a different light. A vulnerable hero in Miguel contrasts well against a purpose-driven Helene. Piñeiro’s premise is unique, however the plot comes across a bit two- dimensional, making it hard to connect with the characters.
Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates