Image of Born Wild: Black Knights Inc.


Image of Born Wild: Black Knights Inc.

Fans of the Black Knights Inc. series who have been eagerly awaiting Bill and Eve’s story will not be disappointed. Take one rugged ex-SEAL plus one demure heiress, toss in a few attempted murders — and some motor oil for extra measure — and you’ve got one heck of a riveting plotline. Eve may seem delicate, but her newfound kick-butt, girl-power attitude will have readers rooting for her. As far as our hero goes, let’s just say that readers will appreciate Wild Bill’s star tattoos as much as his Alpha-male ego. Born Wild is definitely not to be missed!

Someone wants soft-spoken socialite Evelyn Edens dead and, after almost meeting her maker one too many times, she turns to the one person she knows will believe her: William “Wild Bill” Reichert, former Navy SEAL and her once-upon-a-time lover. One look at Eve’s innocent, frightened face, and Bill knows she’s in serious trouble. Despite his vow to keep his feelings for his former flame in check, being close to Eve again has Bill’s emotions spinning faster than the wheels on his custom motorcycle. Saving Eve’s life may very well depend on going head-to-head with not only a killer, but his feelings as well. (SOURCEBOOKS, Nov., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Spencer A. Freeman