Clearly a take on the themes of Fifty Shades, Barnette’s tale of BDSM is a naughty pleasure of a read. With a flat plot, a borderline incestuous relationship, and a cliff-hanger ending, the novel should go into the unread pile, but the breadth, depth, and inventive sex blows all of that out of a reader’s mind. For all-holds-used sex, paddling, and kink, this tale is all of that and a box of condoms.

Sophie’s one-night stand—against which all others are measured—is back in her life whether she wants him to be or not because he’s her new boss. Neil is a billionaire publishing magnate 20-plus years her senior, and he hasn’t forgotten Sophie either. Both are reluctant to rekindle the relationship under their new circumstances, but neither can resist exploring the sensual world of dominance and submission, along with bondage and spanking. As their no-strings-attached relationship deepens, the magazine that he owns and employs Sophie becomes a hotbed of intrigue. Even though they eventually declare their love, both struggle with how to keep their professional and personal lives separate. (JENNYTROUT.COM, July 2013, dl., Free)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
M.H. Morrison