Image of Bossman Billionaire (Silhouette Desire)


Image of Bossman Billionaire (Silhouette Desire)

BOSSMAN BILLIONAIRE (4) by Kathie DeNosky: Emerald Lawson strikes again. The domineering old woman is still rounding up her illegitimate grandchildren, determined to bring them into the fold. The last three are brothers Lucien and Jacques Garnier and their sister Arielle. To get Lucien to come home, she'll turn over part of her empire, but Luke decides to protect his inheritance by having an heir. Enter his secretary, Haley Rollins, the perfect mother candidate. But after prenup agreement, wedding and baby-making, Haley's left wanting when Luke clings to his stance that there is nothing personal between them. DeNosky's extended Lawson clan is always delightful, and Emerald's scheming and Luke and Haley's emotional duel is a true joy to read.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper