Image of Bought By The Billionaire Prince


Image of Bought By The Billionaire Prince
Megan Donovan comes to Niroli to visit her brother and immediately catches the eye of His Royal Highness, Prince Luca Fierezza, one of the heirs to the throne. As fast as the romance heats up, it quickly sours when Meg is falsely accused of stealing some Nirolian family jewelry. She's shocked that Luca doesn't believe she's innocent. But Luca's grandfather has warned the rebellious prince that he can't be associated with any type of scandal if he wants to be king. Where does this leave Luca and Meg? Bought by the Billionaire Prince (4) is a fun addition to the Royal House of Niroli series. Carol Marinelli's vivid description of the country, along with this engaging and sexy couple, make for a delightful romantic getaway.
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers