Image of Bought: One Island, One Bride


Image of Bought: One Island, One Bride
From the moment they meet on the Greek island of Lefkis, Ellie Mendoras and Alexander Kosta are on opposite sides. But beneath their anger is a simmering passion. She wants to keep the island as it is, since being there has helped her to recover from a tragic past in London. As the new owner, Alexander wants to redo everything -- the last owner was the man who lured his wife away from him. As they work together on what the new Lefkis will be, they wonder if they'll finally be able to overcome their pasts to find a future together. Although at times Alexander comes off as too judgmental, overall Susan Stephens' Bought: One Island, One Bride (3) is a pleasing story about overcoming the past with the healing power of love. The Greek island and its people are wonderful secondary characters filled with rich local flavors and traditions.
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers