Jackson's novel focuses on a crumbling marriage, highlighting issues that are so true to life, readers may find some of them hitting a little too close to home. Everyone will find themselves rooting for strong-willed Bree. This story is funny, completely modern, emotional and heart wrenching at times. Romance readers will appreciate that it's not a young couple caught up in turmoil, but a husband and wife of over ten years with children. Bounce plays out almost like a Lifetime movie, except with more interesting characters and richer dialogue, complementing the storyline.

When Sabrina "Bree" Jacobs turns down a promotion, she's pretty sure she's going insane. Her brain has been discombobulated ever since her husband Sean admitted to having an affair, and she wants to put her children first. Ten years of marriage are about to go right down the drain, but Bree will stop at nothing to try and resume to a normal life after kicking her unfaithful husband out of the house. Being a single mother can't be all that bad, maybe she'll even engage in a fling of her own. But, Sean is and always will be her true love and best friend. To what lengths would she go to learn to forgive and forget — and is it even worth it? (River Hills Press, Jan., 256 pp. $2.99)

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Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi