Image of Bound: The Mastered Series


Image of Bound: The Mastered Series

The first book in James’ Mastered duet is a fascinating read that explores the emotions of a woman swept up in a dark world of bondage, far away from her conservative upbringing. Each page draws her in deeper while Ronin’s motives remain unclear. The tantalizing cliffhanger leaves the reader eagerly awaiting the finale.

Amery Hardwick is content building her business as a graphic designer, although it doesn’t leave her much time for a social life except for a small circle of friends. After her friend Molly is attacked, attending a self-defense class is part of her recovery. Amery reluctantly goes with her for moral support. When the attendees pair up, Amery is odd man out. Dojo owner Ronin Black steps in as her partner. He pushes her harder than is warranted, but is so drawn to her that they begin private sessions — and soon a personal relationship. Amery discovers unexpected sides to both Ronin and herself that make her surrender to him completely, but he is not so forthcoming. (NAL, Feb., 400 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown