Image of Bound by Darkness (Paladins of Darkness, Book 7)


Image of Bound by Darkness (Paladins of Darkness, Book 7)

The Paladin saga continues as two protagonists from different worlds are on a collision course with treachery and passion. Morgan had revealed that the “enemy” in this series may not just be the light-crazed Others. Tracking the development from burgeoning trust to love makes for a dynamic and touching read. Morgan aces another one!

Forced to leave his home, Kalith warrior Larem has been slowly adapting to this new world. Larem has made friends with some of the Paladin warriors, but to most everyone else, he and his fellow refugees are considered dangerous targets for extermination. Her father being a Regent, Sasha Willis is well aware of the dangerous work done by Paladins. Sasha is also determined to become a Regent herself, so she eagerly accepts the assignment to clean up the mess in Seattle left by the treacherous Kincade. Sasha is not thrilled by the presence of the Kalith, but finds her prejudice challenged when she meets Larem. Others are not so charitable, and they are determined to destroy the Kalith and keep Sasha from her mission. (POCKET STAR, May, 380 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith