From the moment she saw Con Pengelliss portrait hanging in her husbands family hall, Darcie was in love. But Con is deador so everyone has been told. With a sixth sense telling her that Con is alive, Darcie manages to flee from her ruthless mother-in-law and find Con in a male brothel. Now that she has him, how can she find a way to set them both free and begin the hunt for the legendary diamond, known as The Eye of God?

In a story as full of twists and turns as a labyrinth, Darcie and Con travel from England, across Europe to Asia always followed by some unseen forces and the reality that someone is out to kill them.

Yet the powerful lust that smolders between them bursts into flame time and again. Unable to stop the passion that ignites their very souls Con and Darcie embark on a sensual journey of discovery as well as a wild adventure.

Evading assassins sent by Cons mother and everyone else sent to destroy them, they reach their destination and find not only the brilliant white diamond, but its counterpart, The Stone of Samuel. But their journey is not over; the evil that has been dogging their trail arrives in a new form.

In a stunning and surprising climax, the pieces of this complex tale fall into place, as only Thea Devines could devise. Youll be up all night reading. It is as erotic as readers could desire, as exciting as a thriller and as frightening as an episode of the X-Files. This is a luscious read; not to be missed by those who crave the unusual and the sensual. (Sep., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin