University professor Annie Travis has a keen intellect. Yet imbedded within her is an artist with deep desires and fantasies. Because of her Southern upbringing and Rubenesque figure, Annie self-consciously keeps her passions at bay.

The King of Diamonds, Karn, whisks Annie into his magical world. His dominance and sexual prowess let her act on her fantasies as she's made his submissive queen. But Karn's feelings are locked in the past, and Annie must choose between remaining unloved or returning home.

What a novel! I cheered for Annie and Karn as they battled with wit, words and glorious sex. While I admit I was a little apprehensive with Annie's submissiveness, this disappeared as I was drawn deeper into the well-plotted novel. (dl $5.95)

EDITORS’ NOTE: This review is for the original publication of this title, King of Diamonds by Cheyenne McCray, published by Ellora's Cave in March 2004. The novel has since been re-released by St. Martin's.

Reviewed by: 
Charlene Alleyne