Image of Bound by Flame (The Dark Crescent Sisterhood)


Image of Bound by Flame (The Dark Crescent Sisterhood)

Round two of the high-stakes war
contains all the action, kick-butt
battles and sizzling sensuality of
the first installment of the Dark
Crescent Sisterhood series. After her two outstanding releases, Windsor is sure to become a brand name. Great characters and tight, exciting plots make this a true thrill ride!

Cynda Flynn, a fire sybil, and half-demon NYPD cop Nick Lowell have been setting sparks off each other -- literally. Now that Nick's brother Creed and earth sybil Riana are married, you would think that Nick would be looked on with less suspicion, but that's not the case. While the evil Legion have been quiet for the last couple of months, no one thinks they are gone.

Events take a dramatic turn when fire sybils, including Cynda, are suddenly targeted. Nick vows to let nothing harm Cynda -- and that includes his Astaroth demon brother Jake, who is unwittingly enslaved to whoever holds his talisman. This war just got very personal! (BALLANTINE, Aug., 512 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith