Image of Bound for Keeps (Men of Honor)


Image of Bound for Keeps (Men of Honor)

This latest entry in the Men of Honor series brings together a long-term couple, who are operatives on the side, with a man on the run. It’s more romance than adventure, but the sex is front and center and Jakes holds nothing back. Her longtime readers will not be disappointed.

Reed and Keith are not looking for someone to replace their third partner after his death, but when Shane literally lands at their cabin’s front door, they slowly realize that he may be the one they didn’t know they’d been waiting for. As he recovers from his various injuries and pneumonia, Shane becomes more aware than ever that he may have found a home. Shane reveals that he is being pursued by the man who killed his partner and lover and that he, Shane, is an investigator with the CIA. When these former military men and current operatives find danger at their door, they spring into action to protect the loves they cherish. (SAMHAIN, Feb., 224 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins