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Image of Bound by Light (The Dark Crescent Sisterhood)


Image of Bound by Light (The Dark Crescent Sisterhood)

All hell is breaking loose in the rousing conclusion to Windsor's remarkable supernatural trilogy, the Dark Crescent Sisterhood. Throughout the series the epic struggle between the sybils and the evil Legion has been growing darker, leading to inevitable and tragic losses. Windsor's gift for delivering epic yet extremely personal stories makes her a genuine find and a name to watch.

Astaroth demon Jake Lowell hungers to become human once more, but according to the magical mothers that's not possible. Instead, he's told to protect air sybil Merilee Alexander, whose triad is weakened due to the advanced pregnancies of her sisters. Dark events are coming to a head as the demon Old One, who long ago created the Legion, returns, planning the total destruction of man.

The creature is also fixated on procreating and has set its sight on Merilee. Jake's internal struggle with his human and demon traits may lead to disaster, because if he's not at full strength, how can they possibly win? (BALLANTINE, Sep., 468 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith