Image of Bound by Love (Hqn Historical Romance)


Image of Bound by Love (Hqn Historical Romance)

Historical romance grande dame Rogers is known for her very sensual and passionate novels, and this captivating spin-off from her last book is
no exception. She pairs a strong-willed hero with an equally strong heroine and ends her breathtaking tale with trust and the power of love. One hopes we'll see more of the most intriguing Dimitri Tipova, a minor character here.

Leonida Karkoff arrives in England as the guest of Edmond, Lord Summerville and his new wife, but she is disturbed by her feelings toward Edmond's identical twin brother Stefan, the current Duke of Huntley. Stefan is suspicious as to why Leonida, the illegitimate daughter of Czar Alexander Povlovich, is in England. And he has a right to be. She's been sent by her mother to search for a packet of letters that could harm the czar.

Though he doesn't trust her, Stefan is captivated by her beauty and quick wit, and it isn't long before she succumbs to his expert seduction. After finding the letters, though, she disappears, and he goes after her. From England to Paris and finally to St. Petersburg, Leonida leads them both on a dangerous course. Stefan wants her back in England and in his bed, but Leonida wants more. Can he open his heart and give this courageous young woman the love she desires? (HQN, Aug., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond