Image of Bound in Moonlight (Hidden Grotto)


Image of Bound in Moonlight (Hidden Grotto)

Book two in Burton's Hidden Grotto
series offers three loosely connected
stories that share secondary characters and location but take place in different time periods. Burton starts out strong
with "Tutelage," a story within a
story that reads like classic Victorian erotica. The pace and the eroticism slow down with the second and third stories, which get progressively shorter and less satisfying. Overall, this book
is a notch above your average erotica. It's well-crafted and has interesting characters, a touch of the paranormal and arousing scenes.

Set in the 1920s, "Tutelage" is told through both Emily's letters to her lover and snippets of a book she wrote. Emily's book fictionalizes her sexual awakening several decades earlier at a hedonistic house party in an ancient French castle. Readers are treated to the account and to Emily's recollection of the events.

Caroline leaves 1817 London for a castle in rural France, where she's auctioned off for "Slave Week." A rector's daughter who has fallen on hard times, Caroline hopes the money will help. She finds danger, but also a damaged man worth loving.

The contemporary "Magic Hour" has Isabel resisting taking her place in the family business -- as a caretaker for sex-obsessed paranormal beings. (Bantam, Dec., 336 pp., $13.00)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan