Image of Bound To Please


Image of Bound To Please

In 1460, the Laird of the MacLeod arranges a kidnapping from the Fraser clan, determined to produce a child that will unite the two fighting families, even if it means chains and unwilling sex. What makes Bound to Please (4.5), by Hope Tarr, a not-to-be-missed book is that the Laird is young Brianna, named by her late father as his successor, and the Fraser she kidnaps is Ewan, the brother to the Laird of the Frasers. The two have a past that binds their hearts as well as their bodies. When they met as teenagers, they vowed to marry each other, and Ewan never forgot. The humor and heart flow in this story, which has wonderful lovers, a complex heroine, a nasty villain and constant turns on the sex roles.

Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor