Image of Bound by Shadow (The Dark Crescent Sisterhood)


Image of Bound by Shadow (The Dark Crescent Sisterhood)

Talk about your kick-butt launches! Windsor catapults readers into the gritty world of the Dark Crescent Sisterhood, filled with top-notch characterization and
nonstop action. Add in some seriously sizzling sensuality, and you have
a perfect read. With back-to-back
releases, hot talent Windsor is sure
to make waves.

The mystical and powerful Sybils help protect the citizens of the world from the dark forces of the evil Legion. In New York, Riana Dumain and her two partners/sisters, Cynda and Merilee, are disconcerted when they're introduced to Creed Lowell of the Occult Crimes Unit.

In an instant, Riana realizes that Creed is not fully human, but what is he? Even Creed doesn't know; he just knows he fights a daily battle to control what he calls the "other." When a demon launches an attack, the sisters realize they need all the help they can get. Can they trust Creed? (BALLANTINE, Jul., 432 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith